Polish Your Oral Health with Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are highly effective tooth prosthetics because they are designed to fit into your smile and provide you added durability while at the same time enhancing your smile’s aesthetic. Dental bridges can be used to provide a durable tooth restoration replacement to complete your smile, allowing you to enjoy... Read more »

Oral Health Support: Bruxism

Have you ever noticed any strange sounds with any roommates or loved ones sleeping that sound like they are grinding their teeth? If so, they may be suffering from what is known as bruxism, an oral health condition in which individuals gnash and grind their teeth unconsciously. Usually, this occurs... Read more »

Nine Foods That Don’t Love Your Teeth Back

You know there are foods that are better for you than others, but can you identify the top nine that can damage your teeth? Some of the answers may surprise you, but there are some alternatives that can take their place. 1. Hard candies: Did this one shock you? We... Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Root Canal Therapy

How excited are you for a root canal? The answer is probably not much because the idea of receiving work on your teeth can often be daunting. However, if you do have a damaged pulp, it is essential to visit your dentist as soon as possible to have it treated... Read more »

Outlining the Basics of Dental Veneers

With dental veneers, you can rest assured that your teeth will look as amazing as ever. They can be fully customized and designed to the exact look your smile needs to ensure you are given a world-class aesthetic that can rival any natural smile. Dental veneers are designed to cover... Read more »

Dentistry Blog for Beginners: Gum Disease Symptoms

If you wish to drastically enhance your smile, it is important to first make sure there are no forms of dental damage occurring. This includes making sure your gums are safe as well. If you have an infection in your gum tissues, it is commonly known as periodontal disease or... Read more »

An Undiagnosed Dental Condition Might Contribute to Tooth Sensitivity

Discomfort, when you consume certain foods and beverages, can have a negative impact on your overall quality of life. Left undiagnosed chronic tooth sensitivity could allow a significant dental health problem to gradually worsen. If you’ve been dealing with persistent or worsening tooth sensitivity, you should still have the underlying... Read more »

What to Do for a Chipped Tooth

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you may have worried about getting immediate care. Accidents happen, and when they do, knowing what to do will alleviate a lot of anxiety and worry. Our blog post discusses what to do for a chipped tooth. There are many things that can... Read more »

Keep Your Smile Healthy for the Holidays By Catching Tooth Decay Early

Maintaining effective oral hygiene habits will enhance your and Dr. Karisha Madden’s efforts to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Essential components of oral care include brushing, flossing, and professional dental cleanings and checkups to ward off tooth decay. However, if you do notice signs of a dental cavity, we... Read more »

A Tooth That is Missing a Dental Filling Might Need a Dental Crown Restoration

When large dental fillings like an onlay or inlay becomes distressed or falls out, the structural void left in the tooth enamel can be significant. If it’s not immediately examined and repaired by a qualified dentist like Dr. Karisha Madden the tooth with the missing filling could severely fracture, causing... Read more »