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Tar and other residues that adhere to the surfaces of your teeth when you use tobacco products can leave you with unappealing teeth. If you also enjoy dark beverages like coffee and cola on a regular basis, it can further compound dental stains leaving you with an unappealing smile.

While the eloquent claims made by retail tooth whitening manufacturers may be tempting, they often prove ineffective at whitening tobacco-stained teeth. Additionally, overusing these products can potentially harm your teeth and gums.

Rather than risk these frustrating complications, we invite you to consider setting up an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Karisha Madden. After a basic oral exam to assess the overall health of your teeth and the severity of your dental stains, he will help you understand your treatment options.

In many of these cases our dentist can perform a dental bleaching treatment to safely remove the tobacco stains from your teeth.

After your white smile has been fully restored, you might want to consider talking to your physician about a tobacco cessation program. Further tobacco use could lead to new dental stains as well as increased risk for oral and medical health complications.

If you live in the Houston, West University Place, or Bellaire, Texas area, and your teeth have been affected by tobacco stains, you should call (713) 667-8080 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment at Madden Dental.