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Are you familiar with the risks associated with bruxism? Bruxism can slowly wear down your teeth due to you inadvertently grinding them. Typically, individuals with bruxism grind their teeth unconsciously while they are sleeping, which is known as sleep bruxism, but it can also occur while you are awake as well. Because bruxism typically occurs unconsciously, you may not be even aware that you are suffering from the disorder. Thus, it is important to look for various signs and symptoms that you may have bruxism.

Each morning when you wake up, you will want to inspect your teeth for any signs of damage. If your teeth look excessively raw or worn down, or you notice that it appears that your smile has suffered from various enamel wear, it could be linked to bruxism. Furthermore, you may simply due to the fact that together as you sleep. Other common symptoms of bruxism include indentations on your tongue that appear as strange markings along with cheek tissue damage due to you inadvertently chewing on them through the night. If you have any symptoms of tight jaw muscles or a sore jaw, be sure to visit your dentist for the appropriate bruxism treatments.

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